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Bartending Service

Hire A Bartender

Lets Make Your Event Special

Professional bartender for your event or party will arrive 1hr prior to event free of charge to make sure everything is ready to serve you and your guests for your event start time. ( 4 hour minimum charge).


Also included, professional attire, ice scoop, wine key, bar tools, bar towels.

Hydration Bar/Self Serve

Having an option for your guests to self serve – water, ice tea, and lemonade is a nice added touch especially for larger events.


This helps eliminate congestion at the bar and allows the guests to help themselves to stay hydrated throughout the event.


We have several variations from simple water, lemonade, and ice tea, we can get extremely creative with the beverage station, we will custom create to meet your event requirements and tastes.

* per person


We bring the bar to you responsibly


We Will Do......


* Help you plan every aspect of your bar service, including bar inventory and shopping list.

* Provide affordable packages that will include bar essential such as tools, beverage napkins, straws, garnishes (olives, cherries, limes, etc.)

* Arrive at the event before your guests to set-up and clean-up at the end of every event.

* Provide a fun professional enthusiastic atmosphere throughout event (free smiles all night).

* Mix incredibly tasty cocktails that you and your guest will relish.

We Will Not......


* Provide the alcohol for your event however, we will be happy       to assist  with the delivery of prepaid alcohol and shopping list.

* Serve alcohol beverages to any persons under the age of 21.

* Be responsible for the irresponsible consumption of alcohol.

* Leave you unsatisfied!

Meet The Team


Bridget Simpson

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