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The music played at your wedding is arguably the most critical puzzle piece of the night. It’s the number one factor that gets your guests energized and ready to party. The music choices on your Big Day should be well thought out, organized, and executed to perfection.


Whether you are booking a DJ or live band, or choosing to emcee the wedding yourself, pay attention to these common wedding music mistakes. One fatal flaw, and it could affect your entire night.


Skipping the Sound Check

Since music is such an integral part of the night, it is in your best interest to make sure that everything is working properly. And more importantly, checking this task off your list before the night of the wedding. Equipment such as speakers, phones, and sound systems are prone to technical difficulties. If it is not handled properly, or there is no professional to help with the fix, a problem like this could take hours. When you’re hosting a night where every minute is critical and time slips away from you quickly, you won’t have a few hours to spare. Getting this task squared away will secure a night full of fun and gettin’ down.


Opting out of a DJ or Live Band

 It might initially feel like a good decision to provide your own music, especially if you have a tight budget. However, if you choose to curate your own playlist from your phone, you’ll likely have to spend time sorting through clean versions of songs. Since a lot of streaming services default to the original, or explicit version, making a playlist compilation can become a very arduous task. Don’t write off a DJ or Live band simply because you think it is not in your budget. You may be surprised by the research you do. Plus, everyone’s nephew is trying to be a DJ these days; your Aunt Carla might have a great discount for you.


Not Asking the Guests for Requests

            Of course there’s going to be songs in mind that you’ll want played at your wedding. And this should definitely be discussed between you and your musician beforehand. But you’ll also want to consider your guests requests as well. An easy way to quickly curate an entire playlist for the night is to ask each guest for one song request on your invitation. Gather the results and submit them to your DJ. They’ll take care of the rest.


Playing the Music Too Loud During Dinner

            It’s common to think that music should only be played when it’s time to dance. But really, music should be played consistently throughout the night. It creates an even flow, and helps you transition from event to event throughout the course of the evening. Guests want music to listen to, even when they’re eating dinner. However, the music during the meal should be played at a reasonable, lower volume. It’s not common for everyone at the table to know each other, and they may want to strike up conversation. But if they are competing with blaring music, it could lead to an extremely awkward, otherwise silent, dinner.


Not Meeting the Musicians Before the Big Day     

This is especially notable if you’re choosing a live band. A recorded demo just isn’t the same as hearing them live. See if you can attend one of their performances to get a good idea of how they’ll sound on your wedding. If you’re going with the DJ option, organize a meeting for you all to sit down and chat together. Gauge whether he or she is good at commanding a crowd, if they’re open to requests, and if they have an outgoing personality. They are ultimately in charge of keeping the energy up during your night, and you’ll want an emcee that you click with.


Forgetting About Sound Ordinance Laws

            This one is huge. If you don’t do your proper research, your music could get cut off as soon as the party gets going. If you’re planning on hosting a wedding that goes on until the wee hours of the morning, check with your venue about sound ordinance laws before booking. If they have a time restriction, or perhaps it’s near a lot of residential homes, it might not be the best fit. Plus, if you don’t do your proper research and are hosting your wedding in a public park, you could get slapped with a hefty ticket.




Incorrectly Pacing the Music

This is also a hard achievement should you choose to go with your phone and a premade playlist. Putting your playlist on shuffle makes it extremely difficult to pace the music correctly. Your night should be sprinkled with a good mix of slow, romantic dances, and upbeat fun songs to jam out to. This is when a DJ would be especially helpful. It’s their job to ensure that the music is paced correctly and that everyone is having a good time.

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