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Top Mistakes Wedding Couples Make

 May 06, 2021

There are some things that extend beyond your control on your wedding day (like an unexpected thunderstorm or your DJ coming down with the flu). But there a few common wedding planning mistakes that you can avoid up front, in the sometimes overwhelming process of booking vendors, choosing food, and keeping track of guests. Even the most organized couple can make mistakes during the wedding planning journey. Top Mistakes Wedding Couples Make. Click here to read more


How To Dress Appropriately For A Wedding Have you ever wondered how to dress appropriately for a Wedding? Have you [...

20 Bride Entrance Songs For an Epic Walk Down the Aisle

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 The entrance song that you choose as a bride will set the tone for the entire day. You want to pick a song that expresses who you are as a couple, and encompasses the future you two plan on having together...

Don't Make These 7 Musical Mistakes at Your Wedding

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The music played at your wedding is arguably the most critical puzzle piece of the night. It’s the number one factor that gets your guests energized...

Who’s Responsible for Enforcing COVID Safety Guidelines at Your Wedding? (Hint: Everyone)


It’s no question that one of the biggest industries to take a hit in 2020 was the wedding industry. As COVID numbers rose, hundreds of couples...

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